Las Vegas Online Casino $5 Million Slots

The majority of gamblers who have been and stayed there would agree that everything seems ‘bigger and better’ in Las Vegas.

From the sheer number of casinos in the city to the size of the casinos and resorts, the huge number of visitors attracted and of course the enormous amounts of money that are processed throughout Las Vegas daily.

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It’s no secret that in terms of size of payouts, online casinos are rapidly catching up to their land counterparts, especially in the area of slot machines, which are traditionally a casino’s biggest draw card.

The $5 million slots game at GoldenPalace features symbols showing many of the strange and unusual items that, has acquired via online auction websites over the years.

These include a grilled cheese sandwich said to resemble the Virgin Mary, the Pope’s old German car and a home pregnancy kit that was used by pop star, Britney Spears.